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Courage Institute

Mentoring, coaching, consulting; diversity & inclusion in the 21. century

What we care for


In addition to our mentoring, coaching and Consulting we are

• Creating hands on Diversity Networks that focus on delivering qualified sparring and supplying action orientated environments to develop diversity.

• Developing a mobil Diversity taskforce that can help with challenges and strategies for diversity in any company or organisation in Europe.

• Developing a certification for HR personal managers, leaders and other professionals that will train and certify them in working with and creating diverse and flourishing work environments.

• Facilitating Scientific research and co-creation in the field of diversity for business and well as education.


Diversity is one of the primary pillars in developing stronger and better societies and businesses – in a world were globalisation and interconnected national economies increase day by day.

Diversity = Good Business.

Globalisation and access to diverse labour forces give us strong opportunities to create solutions to global challenges.

Embracing diversity takes courage and knowledge. We help you build up both


The global healing journey starts with saying YES to diversity.

Comprehensive diversity strategies create stronger and healthier employees and mindsets, organisations as well as societies.

Creating sound and effective environments for diversity and co-existence demands dedication and focus