Roger Courage Matthisen

Founder & Partner

I founded Courage Institute in 2018. I am a former Member of Parliament in Denmark, member of the Political Management for The Alternative and speaker on Equality and Diversity*, and my career centers business and political strategy, career & management coaching, organisational consulting with a focus on people & culture, diversity & inclusion and I have a long track record as a human rights and anti-racism activist.

Commitment, courage, co-creation, equality, trust and purpose are keywords defining my career. 

I am a boardmember of European Network Against Racism Denmark, Chair of the board of ECO 6 Nordics, Boardmember of African Chamber of Commerce Scandinavia and I am a Member of Parliament for SOAD, State of The African Diaspora.

* I am the first Member of Parliament in national history to present a full national anti-racism program to combat unlawful discrimination, strengthen civil and legal rights and promote equality and diversity. 

I have also pushed several progressive legislative proposals to the Danish Parliament including: an equal pay fund for the social partners of the Danish labor market to bridge the gap in our gender segregated labor market, the Icelandic model as a mandatory certification for businesses documenting that they pay equal wages for work of equal value, mandatory education in gender, equality and diversity for all public employee who are teaching from public school to high school and institutions of higher education, 14 weeks of earmarked paternity leave for the fathers as this will not only benefit our equal pay challenges and women in management but it will also strengthening the fathers family and parenting relations.

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Hedy Sadraddin gibrael


I strive to build and encourage a workplace where inclusiveness is an impulse, not an initiative! But to achieve this, one must feel included and valued. That is my vision and goal for the future in business life. 

I have always been deeply committed to expanding the knowledge and practice of diversity and inclusion in all aspects of my life. I am highly passionate about the field and hold a great sense of dedication to reach visible results.
I am used to navigating at the intersection between business, government and the political environment. I have experience from the private business life and the NGO industry. Besides being partner in Courage Institute, I am working as a consultant in Altinget. Altinget is an independent political media outlet with one of the largest editorial offices at the Danish Parliament, Christiansborg. A key element of my current and former position is to build and deliver engaging narratives to ensure a strong and broad talent pipeline for the future. 
I push for progress. When I am not working with diversity professionally, I am using my personal time with it. I have been a board member in a LGBT+ organization, speaker in a national wide educational program exploring norms and prejudices about gender and sexuality in an ethnic minority perspective. I am now advisor in a career network consisting of more than 800 Danes with minority background. 
We would be very excited to get the opportunity to support and promote your strategy within diversity. Together we can build a welcoming workplace in which employees recognize that their unique characteristics and skills are celebrated and valued. 
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Key Account Manager

For me, it is crucial to focus on the existing inequalities. Of course, we must not forget about the sacrifices and successes of people before us, but it is important to remember that the past does not equal the future.

Inequality between genders in the workplace is rooted in outdated stereotypes, cultural habits, and organisational activities. Diversity makes companies stronger. Academic research has shown that the more diversity and especially ethnicity and gender diversity you have on a team, the better that team performs.

We all have unconscious bias and prejudices, which is not always a bad thing, but it is when we do not challenge our attitudes towards other people who are not like us. Whether it’s because of different religion, disability, gender, sexuality or skin color, we can all do better by challenging the negative opinions and stereotypes we have.

Having returned to Denmark after more than a decade abroad, I am now ready to help Danish organisations and leaders get on board with the equality, diversity and inclusion agenda.

I work collaboratively with organisations to implement new initiatives in order to increase diversity, reduce inequalities and help create more inclusive industries. I have also created Tackling Racism, a TV series on Sky Sports News.

My passion is to combat discrimination, promote equality and address social issues!

If you would like to be more educated around bias, how to be an ally for being in the minority or to be a more inclusive leader, then our Diversity & Inclusion Facilitator & Advisor Certification is just right for you.

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