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Doctor of Social Science / University of Tampere (2015, grade: magna cum laude)
Thesis: Encountering Difference. The experience of Nordic highly skilled citizens in India

Master of Social Policy Analysis / University of Roskilde (2004, grade: very good)
Thesis: Social Inclusion and Exclusion in the Pre-school Education and Care System in UK and Denmark

Bachelor of Science with Honours in German & European Studies / University of Surrey (1996, grade: 2.1 / very good)
Dissertation: Racism against Foreigners in Germany


An experienced research professional with significant experience in communicating succinctly in writing and orally on familiar and unfamiliar social issues within multinational teams. Enjoy working interdisciplinarily in diverse settings to achieve the goals of a project. A supportive and committed team leader who adopts a collaborative style that in turn motivates teams towards the successful execution of shared objectives. Organised, resilient and possess a track record of successfully impacting projects with innovative approaches.

MISSION: To create innovative and sustainable solutions to social issues. To work with and evolve cause-oriented organisations and communities using empathetic evidence-based practices.



·       Migration and Social Policy Researcher (e.g. migration policy and processes; citizenship and belonging; the impact of social policy on the experience of migration; Nordic welfare state in a comparative perspective; policy process; social inclusion and exclusion; human trafficking)

·       Writer & Blogger (e.g. academic articles; journalistic writing; travel writer; blog on global issues, food, arts and culture)

·       Editor (e.g. academic journal editor; academic and non-academic language editing of a broad range of topic areas within the social sciences and humanities; proofreader)



·       At the anti-trafficking NGO HopeNow, I researched and authored the first report ever to be published in Denmark on escort, discreet/private prostitution among female victims of human trafficking for the Department of Gender Equality at the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

·       I founded and currently successfully lead the first organisation in Denmark to work on improving the opportunities for foreign artists living in the country. (See

·       Together with staff at NIAS – Nordic Institute of Asian Studies, I co-established the first academic journal on Asia that publishes and gives guidance to Master and PhD students at academic institutes in Europe. As Managing Editor, I have brought the journal up to Level 1 ranking of academic journals in Norway. (See

·       At Berlitz language school, I established myself as the very first kids and special needs (teaching blind and dyslexic students and individuals with behavioural disorders) English language instructor in Denmark the Nordic region and went on to train kids instructors from the Nordic offices.



·       Savinetti, Nicol « Partager un dîner, faire communauté et créer. Le menu proposé par IMMART », traduitde l’anglais par Elsa Gomis et Perin Emel Yavuz, in : Elsa Gomis, Perin Emel Yavuz et Francesco Zucconi (dir.), Dossier « Les images migrent aussi », De facto [En ligne], 24 | Janvier 2021, mis en ligne le 29 Janvier 2020. URL : – 03-fr‑2/.

·       Savinetti, N. F., Martinez, S. R. & Kristiansen, S. J. (2020). Stitching IMMART. Overcoming the challenge of inclusion without exclusion through the arts. In K. Riegel & F. Baban, Fostering Pluralism through Solidarity Activism in Europe: Everyday Encounters with Newcomers. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan

·       Savinetti, N. F. and Riekoff, A. (Eds.) (2020). Shaping and re-shaping the boundaries of working life. Tampere: TUP. Accessible at

·       Savinetti, N. F. (2019) (Ed.). Gendered Dimensions of Welfare in China and the Nordic Region Feminist transformations, visions and recommendations.

·       Ristikari T., Merikukka M., Savinetti N. F, and Malloy T. E. (2018). Path Modeling of Children’s Life Outcomes: The 1987 Finnish Birth Cohort. Journal of Public Health (Berl.).

·       Savinetti, N. F. (2018). Industrial Citizenship and International Mobility: Employer’s Interventions into the State of Welfare of Danish and Finnish ‘Expats’ in India. In S. Schliewe, N. Chaudhary and P. Marsico (eds.), Cultural Psychology of Intervention in the Globalized World. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing

·       Savinetti, N. F. (2018). Finnish Citizens’ Encounters with the Social and Spatial Environment in Indian Mega-cities. In D. Habti and M. Elo (eds.), Global Mobility of Highly Skilled People. New York: Springer Publishing

·       Savinetti, N. F. (2015). Encountering Difference – The experience of Nordic highly skilled citizens in India (Lectio Praecursoria). Siirtolaisuus Migration, 3/2015. Institute of Migration Finland, pp. 19-23

·       Savinetti, N. F. (2015). Encountering Difference. The experience of Nordic Highly Skilled Citizens in India. PhD thesis. Tampere: Tampere University Press

·       Foulkes, N. (2014). The Perils of Highly-Skilled Mobility. Welfare Risk and Temporary Migration from the Nordic Region to India. Journal of Finnish Studies, 17(1/2), pp. 199-224

·       Foulkes, N. & Madsen, S. T. (2014). Showtime and Exposures in New India. The Revelations of Lucky Farmhouse. In K. Nielsen and A. K. Waldrop (eds.) Transforming Gender in India. London: Anthem Press, pp. 89-102

·       Foulkes, N., (2011). Encountering difference. Nordic privileged migrants in Indian mega-cities. In Saara Koikkalainen and Elli Heikkilä, eds. (2011). New Forms of Migration – Finns Abroad. Turku: Institute of Migration, pp. 127-151

·       Foulkes, N. (2006, 2008). Copenhagen City Spots  Thomas Cook Pocket Guides

·       Foulkes, N. (2008)  Aarhus City Spots, Thomas Cook Pocket Guides


I am currently employed at Human Hotel as a Social Scientist working on product development. 

For my full CV visit me on LinkedIn.

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Travel and Tourism, International Development and Aid, Market / Academic Research

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Boardmember, Advisory board, Management, Paid


Sjælland, Hovedstaden

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