General Terms

Courage Institute Board & Search (CIBS) provides diverse candidates for boards, advisory boards, management og employees i Danish business. Read how we handle your data under general terms. We take care of your security and use encrypted standards of the industry for your protection i relation to GDPR.

Collecting information
Collecting information Our collecting of data is based on volunteering – to gain access to our platform, you must voluntarily provide the following personal information: e-mail, name, phone, date of birth and gender (Male, female, non-binary) in addition to information that is relevant for you to showcase your career. Login information, job ads relevance and displays, cookies, IP addresses, etc. are only stored to the extent necessary for optimizing our services.

Registration as a candidate

For registration, you must meet the following requirements as well as one or more of the three subcategories:

+7 years of experience with minority ethnic perspectives and challenges either through lived personal experiences or professional results and initiatives.

In addition, you must live up to one or more of the following subcategories: relevant work experience, relevant board experience, relevant expert knowledge.

You can upgrade to pro and get a number of benefits such as a head start on new job postings and board positions, access to our community and academy as well as discounts on education, lectures and seminars at the Courage Institute.

When you sign up you agree to receive newsletters from Courage Institute and that we may store your data in accordance with the GDPR. *

Retention of information

Courage Institute Board & Search (CIBS) uses as the digital provider of our platform. Courage Institute is responsible for storing the information (CVR 31215889.) When a company or person makes contact with a candidate, the candidate’s information is stored in accordance with the company / person’s personal data policy and CIBS takes no responsibility for this.

Disclosure of information

When we pass on personal information to third parties, this will only be in connection with the operation of our systems and for recruitment & collaboration with our partners.

Deletion of information

If you no longer wish to be a member of CIBS, you can delete your profile at any time. We store your data for 6 months after which it is deleted. Email and name of our newsletters must also be opted out.

Right of withdrawal and termination

Profiles: It’s free to have a profile at CIBS. If you want a pro profile, it will cost DKK 149 per month. If you have activated your profile, your 14-day right of withdrawal is waived. If your profile is not active, you can cancel within 14 days as long as your profile is not activated. Termination must be via email to Thereafter, general terms of termination apply for the first of the month + 30 days.

Company: It is free to apply for candidates on our platform. If you purchase Medium or Professional package services, these services can be canceled until a written contract has been entered into.

User rights

We comply with the GDPR with the following efforts:

You have the right to verify the accuracy, integrity, processing of your information and to see what we have stored about you.

You have the right to object and be removed whenever you wish. See deleting information.

You are welcome to contact us or the Danish Data Protection Agency who can guide you further.

Emails, contact, dissemination and abuse

By using our platform, you also consent to CIBS sending you e-mails in connection with:

Creating your profile

Respond to whether your request has been accepted or denied

New job postings, board announcements, courses, events, new announcements and the like.

Using our services you agree to receive our newsletter and you accept the following rules:

1) CIBS may remove content that does not meet our terms or guidelines.

2) CIBS is not responsible for general terms and conditions or data management for companies, organizations and websites we refer to.

3) When using the CIBS platform, you are obliged to comply with our code of conduct: – Be honest. Be polite. Be humble. Be patient. – CIBS does not accept oppressive or hateful language and all forms of discriminatory language is not tolerated. Anti-racism: Since it is a lifelong journey to learn about and work as an anti-racist and since of course there must be room to make mistakes and learn from them. We expect that the person in question can acknowledge the error, take responsibility for the part that was one’s own and act differently next time – repeated violations can lead to exclusion.

If you have comments or questions about our conditions, you are welcome to contact us at

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