We believe diversity and co-creation are primary pillars for a democratic world as well as a more succesful and stronger organisation.

Embracing diversity takes courage.

Creating a sound and effective environment for diversity and co-existence demands dedication and focus.

This is WHY we established Courage Institute - to introduce the tools, methods and mindsets to successfully embrace diversity and co-existence.


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Our primary field is diversity training and mentoring with all private, public and political organisations - from management to entry levels.

We help develop diversity in organisations from the first strategic decision and implementation to personal leadership, hands on courses and long term mentoring.

This is what we in our hearts and minds call our vocation.

The global healing journey starts within saying YES to diversity.

What comes after is a stronger and healthier mindset and organisation.


We have a proven track record of knowledge and experience from a top corporate level, national and international political leadership to grass roots civil and human rights work.

All our work is based on facts, knowledge, statistics and leading global research with race and diversity.

The challenges within a work environment in regards to diversity can be both a public celebration or call for sensi-tivity and discretion which is why we presently have chosen not to present any showcases. You are however welcome to contact us for references or an inspirational meeting with us.

Contact us:


+45 22 50 22 37 // www.rogermatthisen.dk

Roger Courage Matthisen, Founder

Courage Institute is launching European Diversity Summit in Copenhagen autumn 2020

Stockholm, Sweden 2021

Berlin, Germany 2022

European Diversity Summit is the first and strongest platform in Europe to bring together shared experiences, knowledge, methods, education, politics, businesses and talent in a cross European network addressing the opportunites for diversity and leadership -

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